Your Clean Work Place Is Only 1 Step Away

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Are first impressions of your work place embarrassing you?

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Wishing your staff would keep the work place clean?

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Trying to find a cleaner but don’t know where to start?

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Are your current cleaners letting you down (again)?

Then look no further...
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Daily to monthly services
Cleaning specifications tailored to your requirements
Use of industry approved equipment and chemicals
Cleaners trained, security cleared and identifiable
Cleaning equipment supplied
The same cleaner every time
The same cost every time
Detailed monthly billing
“ Anyone can clean but here at Q CLEAN we train our staff to do it correctly. ”Managing Director




These are just as important to us as they are to you.

Regular monthly inspections
Reporting of site maintenance issues
Site specific security procedures
Keys and alarm codes securely coded
Open lines of communication




These are the rules that we operate by.

Who We Are

We are a Brisbane based commercial and industrial cleaning company.

We are locally owned and pride ourselves of engaging the highest quality mix of locally based employee and contractor cleaners, specialty cleaners and product suppliers.

What We Do

We do what we love. Keeping your workplaces clean.

We clean with a spring in our step, a smile on our faces and a drive to exceed your expectations.

We clean a wide range of workplaces, primarily commercial and industrial workplaces ranging from offices, showrooms and warehouses to body corporate common areas, car parks and building work sites.

How We Do It

First off, we listen to your needs and wants. What you require and what you desire in a cleaner.

With this information, we formulate a package customised to your workplace.

We then familiarise our cleaner(s) with your workplace, site security procedures and cleaning requirements.

Lastly, we close the loop with regular monitoring and face to face contact, keeping our cleaner(s) at the top of their game.

How It Benefits You

A fresh looking, clean smelling workplace presentable to you, your staff and your customers.

Outsourcing your cleaning removes the responsibility from you and your staff.

Reduces your employee sick days.

Allow you to focus on what you do best. Working on your business.